August 1st, Roy Harris Workshop…..

Roy Harris WorkshopI happened to see a post on Facebook that Professor Roy Harris was going to be in Minnesota. ¬†And that’s where giddy hope set in. I sent him a message wondering if he was doing any teaching in town and he replied that it was just a visit and no one had asked him to teach. Well….

For those of you who don’t know Professor Harris is a fifth degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he is one of the “Dirty Dozen” the first twelve Americans to earn their Black Belts in BJJ. and an excellent instructor. He has a very thoughtful and insightful approach to jiu-jitsu and the level of detail he can get into is on a whole other level. So it’s a privilege any time getting an chance to learn from him.

When asked what we wanted to do, we came up with framing; keeping and managing structure in order to survive, create space and opportunities to recover position.

The level of detail on on the techniques and concepts was impressive, providing further insights into the things we already knew well and introducing new concepts with surviving and structure.

As part of this we got a glimpse into his BJJ over 40, how to train and a look at some of the concepts on dealing with younger athletes and some “Old Man’s Treachery”.

This was a great workshop especially as the group was blue, purple and brown belts and above to be able to work with concepts and finesse of the smaller details.

I won’t give anything away here; however, I would highly recommend it as well as any time with Professor Harris.

Professor Harris. Fabio