Pendulum Drills

Pendulum drills are a great way to work hip movement; which will help with your guard game, understanding momentum, using it for guard recovery, sweeps and attacks.

In the below; my students are using a pendulum drill to help start learning the spinning armbar from the Guard position.

women pendulum drills 1

A big emphasis ¬†for the women’s program is self defense, so a big part of that is learning to choke your opponent in a lot of different ways and from different positions focusing on technique rather than trying to match strength with bigger opponents.

Below, they are working on cross choke from the guard position.

“When it comes to chokes, there are no tough guys. Everybody goes to sleep.” – Grand Master Helio Gracie

women ajj

If you are learning Jiu-Jitsu; you are learning how to fight, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun training.

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