Some advanced training at Midwest Center For Movement

         Had a Great training session out at Midwest Center For Movement; no instruction, just take the time to roll with high level players; three black belts, Mike Ellefson, Tim Mahedy and Gina Franssen (X2 Fitness), two brown belts Roland Larson from McCune’s Martial arts and myself and three high level purple belts, Evan Carothers (MCFM) Joe Swore and Topher Braddock (Minnesota Kali Group/ Akagi).

Got to play a lot of different games as far as who we rolled with at the time, from fun flow throw caution to the wind rolls with Tim, Roland and Evan, to a more tactical plan when rolling with bigger guys like Mike Ellefson who will be competing at worlds in Las Vegas in September. Also got to Drill Leg Locks with the ever scrappy Gina, share things that have been working for both or new technology.

Seeing my guys getting pushed, bringing their game up made me proud. They’ve been working hard for several years and are that much closer to getting their brown belts!Midwest Center For Movement Weekend

Midwest Center For Movement

Midwest Center For Movement

Had a great time teaching teaching at the Midwest Center for Movement this friday,

Had the oppotunity to guest coach at MCFM on Friday June 26th. We worked on some fun Kimura attacks, of course I had to throw an Omoplata in the mix and my patented fall away ankle lock! Ok, its not really patented but it is a fun one to play with none the less.

Big thanks to Micheal Ellefson (you cam call him Elle) for having me out to share some techniques and to check out his awesome new digs.

If you are in the Hudson area its the only place you should train. Akido, BJJ, strenght training and much more.