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July 4th Random Guard Passing Reflection

So, after some 4th of July rolls in the morning and a walk around Lake Nokomis, guard passing entered my mind, between Tom Oberhue June 2014 and Chris Haueter twice,  its been a pretty good year.

I got to work on on my pressure pressure and mobile passing with Tom and the steady stay on top approach of Haueter.

Patient Persistent Pressure!  Having guard and passing guard are an important part of the game, being able to have to have options to deal with different types of guards and people’s games is a must!  I like a lot of mobile passing cause it’s fun, love the movement game; works great on larger or a little slower opponents; however, sometimes you get stuck with those little squirrelly  dudes with sick guard recovery and playing the mobile game is just ridiculous  and take too long, so you need to shut that down with pressure and patience. Follow the Chris Haueter rule number 1. Get on top, stay on top!