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July 8th, Thoughts on tonights BJJ class

I usually like to teach things in progressions; but there are times you can just throw out fun stuff or teach something that maybe the less advanced students would normally not be ready for.

So for fun we did a lot of movement drills for the Omoplata; with the focus just being on movement and not even looking at how to finish the submission. The drill for the evening was setting up the Omoplata from the mount postion, leaving mount and retaining the arm and flowing back to mount, (may be hard to visualize). We worked our way to a series of rolling Omy’s; forward, backward ¬†and to the side, and by the end of the night, everyone could do the drill and play and move between the setup fairly well.

Sometimes just have to show things like that just for fun and see what they make of it.


BJJ girls are tough...
BJJ girls are tough…

Omoplata flow drills