Waseca seminar 8/15/15 was a blast!

Waseca seminar 8/15/15 was a blast!

Had a great time going back down to teach at Barbell MMA and a group of hungry students!

Jason Lynch started Barbell so that he could bring something new to his community in Waseca, Minnesota. Its exciting to see something start completely new. With limited experience in martial arts and a want to learn; taking the chance on trying is inspiring.

I’ve been found down there about once a month and looks like things are starting to pick up as word gets out and more people come to the classes each time.

This time we worked some basic Muay Thai working a progression from kicking range to boxing rage to knees and a takedown then did a conditioning drill before moving into the ground.

We finished by working some old school knee on belly drills and spinning armbar from knee on belly.

Looking forward to going back, We’ll be working survival positions and escapes and sweeps from the guard positions.