Luiz Palhares and Pedro Palhares weekend seminar 9/19/15

Luiz Palhares and Pedro Palhares weekend seminar



The Minnesota Kali Group recently had the pleasure of Hosting 7th degree Coral Belt Luiz Palhares and his son Pedro.  They came in Friday night and we went out to dinner at a local place; Pepitos, to get to know each other a bit and to go over what was the plan for the weekend.  Father and son are really laid back and approachable, not all that formal, right away just chatting as though had been friends for a while and after an introduction to Surly beer, we cam up with a game plan.

Saturday was a nice mix of guard pass drill from Pedro and primarily taught by Luiz, got a chance to detail out some old school tech for BJJ self defense and simple and effective concepts for passing spider guard. I think that when people attend seminars they are expecting what is the latest technology instead of taking the time to refine techniques that you thought you knew only to realize that you still had more details to draw out. The little things that make you say; “well crap, that’s how it’s supposed to work!”  Always look to refine your art, to be a little better than before! We finished off back with his Pedro that wanted to roll with us, and he took the time to play with all the students that wanted to. Which was some much Sweepy fun! More on the experience later.

Sunday was primarily taught his son Pedro Palhares (a black belt as well), we added onto the guard pass drills from the day before. Then it was 50/50 guard; honestly; the day before when they said that’s what we would be working on I was not too keen on the idea, no offense to the 50/50 players but I hate it as a position but it’s part of the game and in order to play. However, when he was started showing escapes from 50/50, then I got stoked. As I said, not my favorite, so my personal goal for things like that is to learn enough to crush it when I get stuck there and Pedro gave some nice options.

After 50/50; Luiz tagged back in and we worked lapel chokes from side control/ to north south baseball bat choke. Again, details! And a little bit of sneakiness. The side control choke was sneaky and I can’t wait to try it, especially if when the gas tank starts to run low but you want to keep rolling. You need to find your advantages where you can. I try not to give away the professors techniques when I write.Luiz Palhares and Pedro Palhares weekend seminar

Earlier I mentioned Sweepy goodness. the rolling we did was a ridiculous roller coaster of being up, then over you go down, no, wait, how’d he get back there!? Luiz tags out and Pedro is back in this time with De La Riva sweeps and shared with us the a lot of what he was doing to us the previous day. This was a combination of old school technology that got upgraded to 2.0. One of my guys is a scrappy old purple belt and wrestler, weighs 240 and has solid base (Pedro 180), so to see him getting consistently swept was so much fun. As he later admitted; he had considered De La Riva a little useless against him, but has since changed is mind.

Again after class Pedro rolled with everyone for 45 minutes straight. Pedro had told me he loves rolling at seminars, as he is an active competitor, it allows him to see a lot of different games.  Even though he dialed it down a bit and was very respectful, it was all business, or for him business light. We got to see loads of sweeps, combinations of set ups and loads of submissions. He didn’t play down to us to give us the tap, he made us work and pushed us. He has a really nice combination of constant attack as well as being very fluid. Constantly staying just ahead of you but not rushing anything. Everyone had a blast!

I highly recommend having these guys out for any seminars, you won’t regret it!