Minnesota Kali Group

I am the head coach for the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program at the Minnesota Kali Group in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Akagi Jiu-Jitsu helps support and promote the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu progarm and will provide updates on schedules as well as special events, seminars, and tournaments.

Please see the below schedule as well as a link to the Minnesota Kali Group.


Schedule for the Minnesota Kali Group


Focused Workouts

Focused workouts and classes


Much like a mini-seminar,  when scheduling a focused workout you are putting your learning time and effort focusing on learning or resolving a specific BJJ issue you have run into.

Schedule a focused workout when you want to give extra attention at all the possible ramifications and resolutions of specific moves. Or for that extra heavy workout you want before a meet , competition or test.

Also great if you just need good overall advice on how to streamline and organize your workout for best results.




Seminars, Women’s Seminars, Video Classes and Private Lessons


I am available to teach seminars, from introductory for the beginning groups, as well as for the more advanced students.

I also teach Women’s only seminars as an introduction to Brazilian Jiu-Jistu and self defense as well as for all levels to show the importance for women to learn how to survive possible assault situations.  The focus of these seminars is to show the two sides of training  and about transitioning from one to the other in hopes of inspiring to take the time to learn the full art of Jiu-Jitsu.


I will also be offering remote video seminars and private lessons.


These seminars and private lessons are a great way to add to  your skills, work on your goals or explore new techniques.