Akagi Jiu-Jitsu’s first Official BJJ Affiliate School!

Brickhouse Mixed Martial Arts 

first Official BJJ Affiliate School!
Barbell MMA

I can say that I am honored to be the official provider of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Brickhouse Mixed Martial arts in Waseca Minnesota. Jason Lynch is the owner of the this club; being in a small town he is proactive about bringing in and exposing various martial arts for his community in addition to the established Aikido and Karate that is already offered.

I’ve been coming down from Minneapolis once a month a core group has developed to where they can come in to train and drill the material I provide in between sessions. They are a great group of people and are hungry for information and seem to enjoy my informal (and I  think fun) approach to teaching.

As my affiliate group, I will do my best to provide them with the best content I can provide, a curriculum to help provide structure, how to train smart without getting hurt with a focus on drilling. Live rolling will be with either myself or my students from the Minnesota Kali Group to ensure that they learn how to wrestle without getting hurt.

The Brickhouse crew be increasing the amount of times we get together and Jason will be starting to offer classes soon. While we get the program up and running, you can also take part other classes offered with Aikido and Karate.

If you are interested you can call 507-521-2327

or stop by

115 4th st sw

Waseca MN. 56093