Waseca seminar 8/15/15 was a blast!

Waseca seminar 8/15/15 was a blast!

Had a great time going back down to teach at Barbell MMA and a group of hungry students!

Jason Lynch started Barbell so that he could bring something new to his community in Waseca, Minnesota. Its exciting to see something start completely new. With limited experience in martial arts and a want to learn; taking the chance on trying is inspiring.

I’ve been found down there about once a month and looks like things are starting to pick up as word gets out and more people come to the classes each time.

This time we worked some basic Muay Thai working a progression from kicking range to boxing rage to knees and a takedown then did a conditioning drill before moving into the ground.

We finished by working some old school knee on belly drills and spinning armbar from knee on belly.

Looking forward to going back, We’ll be working survival positions and escapes and sweeps from the guard positions.



August 1st, Roy Harris Workshop…..

Roy Harris WorkshopI happened to see a post on Facebook that Professor Roy Harris was going to be in Minnesota.  And that’s where giddy hope set in. I sent him a message wondering if he was doing any teaching in town and he replied that it was just a visit and no one had asked him to teach. Well….

For those of you who don’t know Professor Harris is a fifth degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he is one of the “Dirty Dozen” the first twelve Americans to earn their Black Belts in BJJ. and an excellent instructor. He has a very thoughtful and insightful approach to jiu-jitsu and the level of detail he can get into is on a whole other level. So it’s a privilege any time getting an chance to learn from him.

When asked what we wanted to do, we came up with framing; keeping and managing structure in order to survive, create space and opportunities to recover position.

The level of detail on on the techniques and concepts was impressive, providing further insights into the things we already knew well and introducing new concepts with surviving and structure.

As part of this we got a glimpse into his BJJ over 40, how to train and a look at some of the concepts on dealing with younger athletes and some “Old Man’s Treachery”.

This was a great workshop especially as the group was blue, purple and brown belts and above to be able to work with concepts and finesse of the smaller details.

I won’t give anything away here; however, I would highly recommend it as well as any time with Professor Harris.

Professor Harris. Fabio


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July 27th and 28th: Tough Training

I recently had the opportunity to train with Black Belt Nick Robinson and it was an absolute pleasure. After a warm up roll, just did some good focused rolling. It was tough, good pressure and assertive game. That being said, because it was a tough couple days, it was more of pushing than proving; meaning, that shared it was about getting better, not beating the other guy. Shared freely some great tips, advice and what works well for him or that what he though might help us.

Train smart, train, hard, have fun!

Tough Training, Nick Robinson

Siloh Radovsky: Assistant coach at Jiu-Jitsu Dynamics

Fabio is generous with his time and instruction whenever I come home to Minnesota for a visit. I love checking up on how my extended BJJ family is doing and getting to train in the safe and supportive atmosphere he helps to create for his students –– an environment which, especially as a small female, I know is not always easy to find, especially for those trying out Jiu-Jitsu for the first time. Rolling with Fabio and his students is always fun. I find training with him to hold the balance between focused, playful, and technical that keeps me committed to Jiu-Jitsu, a practice which gives so much back to me in return. Fabio is a gentle teacher who is great to geek out on the details of techniques, while being down-to-earth (and also totally “down to roll”).

Siloh Radovsky,

Purple belt

Assistant coach at Jiu-Jitsu Dynamics (Olympia, WA)

Kurt Cornwell: Owner/Head Instructor MKG Detroit,

“Fabio is that rare type of coach who recognizes both the similarities and differences between beginner and advanced students, and the best ways to help everyone progress together. His emphasis on movement and structure, over flashy technique and hard rolling, sets him apart from many other instructors in the current climate of BJJ. I highly recommend Akagi for anyone interested in investigating BJJ as a system of self protection or martial art. Great instruction, great group.”

Kurt Cornwell

Owner/Head Instructor MKG Detroit,

Professional Mindset & Wellness Coach

Eric Yates

I have known Fabio for 7 years now and approached him at the MKG gym in Minnesota, Minneapolis for training in the grappling arts and groundwork.We hit it off immediately with his brilliant knowledge of the arts and first class teaching skill with a perfect sense of pace and patience.  Since then Fabio made a few trips to Canada to my training facility to teach seminars and give private tuition and he was instantly accepted and applauded by all students for his contribution.The result was a first class experience for all of us with up to date knowledge in Brazilian Jiujitsu, shoot wresting, Kali and related martial arts.  One thing I loved is his enthusiasm for martial arts and his tireless energy teaching and transferring knowledge to all levels of martial artists.I found it to be a very profound experience to be taught by and watch Fabio teach and would recommend his seminars and private classes to anyone interested in starting in the grappling arts and the more experienced martial artists.You wont regret it and you wont forget it.  ericyatesmartialarts.com

Eric Yates Martial Arts Instructor,

Bsc. Nursing, Assoc. Degree Sciences, TESOL.

12 July 2015.